"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see,
and ask for the old paths, where is the good way,
and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.
But they said, We will not walk therein."
~ Jeremiah 6:16 ~

Book Contents

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Note to the Reader


  • Neutralizing Christianity

Part 1: The Purpose-Driven "Groundbreaking Manifesto" and "Blueprint"

Chapter 1: Which Light Are We Following?

  • Who is Worthy of Praise and Glory?
  • The Holy Scriptures: God's All-Sufficient Light unto Our Path
  • Man's "Light" says Doctrinal Views aren't an Issue in God's "Final Exam"

Chapter 2: Humanism Achieves Immense Popularity

  • Many Driven into the Alluring "Light" of the Broad Way

Part 2: The Purpose-Driven "Spiritual Journey": It's "Not About You," or Is It?

Chapter 3: The Bible Is Clear

  • God Takes 40 Days to Prepare People for His Purposes?
  • God's Purposes are Man-Centered?

Chapter 4: Purpose #1: You Were Planned for God's Pleasure

  • Worship That Is about You Is Not Worship of God
  • Offering the Strange Fire of Profane Music Is Not Worship of God
  • "The Foolishness of Preaching"

Chapter 5: Purpose #2: You Were Formed for God's Family

  • "The Local Church Is the Body of Christ"
  • Is it Through the Blood of Our Redeemer Jesus Christ or the Lifeblood of a Local Church That We Have Spiritual Life?

Chapter 6: Purpose #3: You Were Created to Become Like Christ

  • Which Is It, to Be like Christ or to Be like You?
  • The Fruit of the Spirit, or the Fruit of Community?
  • The Fruit of the Spirit, or the Fruit of Satan's Temptations?
  • Instant Sainthood Through the Power of God vs Spiritual Formation Through Spiritual Disciplines

Chapter 7: Purpose #4: You Were Shaped for Serving God

  • Serve God According to Who He Is, Not According to Who You Are
  • Finding Healing Through Our Wounds or Healing Through Christ's Wounds?
  • Airing Our Dirty Laundry Is Not Our Most Effective and Powerful Ministry in Serving God

Chapter 8: Purpose #5: You Were Made for a Mission

  • Was Christ's Mission on Earth to Atone for Our Sins or to "Introduce" People to God So They Can Become His Friends?
  • Introducing People to Which God?
  • Introducing People to God by Telling Them Mostly about You?
  • "Mission Accomplished!"

Part 3: Counting All Things but Loss for the Knowledge of Purpose

Chapter 9: "There Is One Thing You Could Do Greater than Share Jesus Christ with Somebody"

  • Starting a Purpose-Driven Church
  • Sharing the Message of Purpose with the World
  • The True Purpose of Life Is "Becoming One with that Passive Spark of Divinity Longing for Actuality"?

Chapter 10: Purpose-Driven "No Matter What it Costs"

  • Sacrificing Righteousness and Holiness
  • Sacrificing the Truth of the Faith
  • Sacrificing the Mind of Christ

Part 4: Leading the Masses into a Spiritual Awakening or a Unity of Spiritual Blindness?

Chapter 11: "America's Most Influential Spiritual Leader"

  • "What in the World Are Our Pastors and Church Leaders Teaching Their Congregations?"
  • "Secular America's Favorite Evangelical Christian"
  • "Ministering to Hurting People [Is] More Important than Maintaining Purity"

Chapter 12: The New Reformation: "A Whole New Paradigm Between Faith Communities"

  • Turning the First Reformation Upside Down
  • Interfaith "Spiritual Care" -- "Whatever it Takes!"

Chapter 13: "Except the LORD Build the House; They Labour in Vain That Build it"

  • The Kingdom of God Is the Narrow Way
  • Is Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan the Kingdom of God?
  • Saving Bodies at the Expense of Souls -- A Revolution for Global Christianity

Part 5: The Fulfillment of PEACE on Earth in the Name of Purpose

Chapter 14: Declaring the End from the Beginning

  • "The Global Peace Plan IS GOING TO HAPPEN"
  • God's Global Judgment Precedes God's Global Peace

Chapter 15: The Angel of Light's "Plan" for World Peace

  • An Interfaith Kingdom of World Servers Working Together as ONE

Chapter 16: "The Power of ONE"

  • "Together as ONE We Can Change the World"
  • The U.N.'s Goals: Uniting the World as ONE
  • Interfaith "Bread for the World" Feeds the Hungry
  • "Unity Comes from Purpose, Not from Anything Else"

Part 6: "Then There Will Emerge the Universal Religion, the One Church, and That Unified Though Not Uniform Approach to God"

Chapter 17: "One Truth," Many Theologies

  • "A Portion of Truth, Great or Small, Is Found in Every Religious and Philosophical System"

Chapter 18: "One God," Many Paths

  • "The Religions are the Tributaries of One Great River"
  • Uniting All Gods into ONE Through Interfaith Prayer Services

Chapter 19: "One Church," Many Expressions

  • "The Religion of the Future"
  • The Body of Christ Transcends the Borders of the Faith of Christianity?
  • Fundamentalism: An Enemy of the Universal Religion
  • Finding One's Own Self-Empowering Religious Expression

Chapter 20: "One Divine Life," Many 'Little Christs'

  • "That Which Will Eventually Reorganize Our Human Life Is the Presence in the World of Those Who Know Christ as Their Example, and Recognize That They Possess the Same Divine Life"
  • "A Leadership Model That Can Transform Your Life"
  • Giving Heed to "the Fundamental Doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom"

Part 7: "The Last Gasp of Christendom"

Chapter 21: Letting the Old Faith Crumble Away

  • The Spiritual Transformation of Today's Christianity

Chapter 22: "A Radically Different Kind of Church" for "the New Age"

  • "A Whole New Species of Church Is Emerging"
  • "Even the Term 'Christ' Carries Little Meaning"
  • "The Point of Interfaith Conversation Is Not to Decide Which Religious Propositions Are Right or Wrong"
  • "The Most Important Factor Is Vision!"
  • "Either Everything Is Worshipor Nothing Is Worship"

Part 8: "Take Heed Therefore That the Light Which Is in Thee Be Not Darkness"

Chapter 23: Ripe for the Harvest

  • Unity at All Costs

Chapter 24: The Coming of the Universal "Christ" for the Many Who Are ONE vs The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Few Who Are His

  • The Ultimate "Man of Peace"
  • The Universal "Christ" and "World Teacher"
  • "And it Was Given unto Him to Make War with the Saints, and to Overcome Them"
  • "How, Where or When He Will Come Is None of Our Concern"
  • Two Paths, Two Christs, Two Kingdoms, Two Eternities

Chapter 25: People of Faith vs People of the Faith

  • Mindlessly Following the Crowd
  • "A New Religion Has Been Initiated, Which Is No More Christianity than Chalk Is Cheese"
  • What on Earth Am I Here For? Keep the Faith!






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